About Effect-Plus, LLC

Effect-PLUS, LLC was established in 2000 to fill up the technological vacuum in animal farming that  existed during the process of transition from the post-Soviet production technologies to the modern European ones.

During the process of implementation of the projects we actively cooperate with the world known producers of technological equipment, genetics and feed premixes.

Due to the presence of out own high qualified building team Effect-Plus performs the installation of equipment in short terms and the highest quality, provide guarantee and post-guarantee services.

In team with our partners we provide the highest level of  efficiency of livestock production, on the basis of the analysis and implementation of the best proven technologies, equipment and animal genetics.

Effect-Plus offers to our clients scientific and practical support of their farms at any stage of the development of the business.

To achieve the best results we actively and productively cooperate with TVARYNPROM Association integrating common efforts for development of live stock industry in Ukraine.

At the moment, we have already implemented more than 20 successful projects in Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia,  technological projects for Georgia have been developed shortly.

With Effect-Plus, LLC efficient farming is a reality.


10014, Ukraine, Zhytomyr city, Kyivska Str. 94 of 1 

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Our services

1. Design of new and reconstruction of existing livestock farms implementing advanced technologies and equipment, automatic feeding systems, energy efficient climate control systems and effective systems of manure removal.

2. Construction of new livestock farms.

3. Equipping of farms with modern technological equipment, including feed mills and storage.

4. Equipment installation, guarantee and service.

5. Herd management, supply of fattening piglets and breeding stock from the leading European genetic centers.

6. Scientific and practical services for livestock farms.

7. Pig fattening on deep litter.