Equipping of farms with modern technological equipment

In order to achieve the best results in animal production Effect-Plus LLC cooperates with the leading world -known producers of equipment for livestock.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the ratio of cost, quality and reliability, we select the best technological solutions individually for each client.

We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the market of new products, monitor the prices and control the logistics.

Nowadays our main partner in sphere of technological equipment for swine, cow and hen farms is 5PIGROUP CONSULTING (Spain)

The main advantage of this company is that it has its own production facilities, what allows it to compete favorably in the market prices, carefully monitor the quality of the equipment, as well as execute the priority orders in the shortest possible time.

Through the combined efforts of engineers of companies 5PIGROUP CONSULTING  and EFFECT-PLUS we’ve achieved productive symbiosis in realizing innovative technological solutions in the field of organization and optimization of feed distributing and  climate control systems in animal farms.


To provide necessary treatment and preventive measures for pigs in gestation and weaning areas  Effect-Plus offers installation of medicators (USA), which are perfect in use and have competitive price.


We pay special attention to the process feed production. After the careful analysis of the market we chose machines for feed production of Redis (Poland). These mixers prepare feed on the territory of the farm, which significantly reduces its cost, make it easier to control the quality of the feed and quickly adjust the recipe depending on the availability of ingredients and the age groups of the animals.