Herd management

Overlooking the importance of the pedigree factor in industrial pig farming generates 15 - 30 percent of the production lost and over-feed.

In Ukraine 90% of all the swine breeds is Large White, which has the meat output 69 - 70%, while the yield of meat of the three breed hybrid is 74 - 82%, plus better meat taste.

Output of piglets and their health in hybrid pigs is  15 - 20% higher than the ones of the Large White, also conversion rates of feed are significantly lower.

Lately we are cooperating with one of the best pig genetic supplier in the world  - JSR Genetics (UK)

Main indicators of pig genetics

JSR Genetics (UK)

Farrowing = 87.2%

Number of live-born piglets per sow = 13.27 heads

Number of weaning piglets per sow = 11.55 goals

Farrowings a year per sow = 26.5 heads


Indicators from weaning to slaughter (150 days)

5.97 kg

Start weight of weaning

105.688 kg

Finish weight of fattening

664.813 gr/day

Average weight gain  from weaning till slaughter

244.14 kg

Feed demand for the period


Feed conversion rate