Design of new and reconstruction of existing livestock farms


In recent years one of the most important economical and socio-political tasks of the agricultural sector is the food security of the population. Particular attention should be concentrated on the animal protein intake which is nowadays below the minimum standard.

According to UNESCO and the UN reports till 2014 one of six people on the planet will be undernourished. Deepening of global production crisis leads to a significant increase in food prices. At the same time, the agricultural producers mainly exhausted their possibilities for further increase of production. Livestock industry is increasingly becoming dependent on imported grain - forage.

But the main factor that has negative impact on the competitive ability of Ukrainian meat production is outdated and energy-intensive technologies.

As the result, at the present time, a number of companies are making costly investment to reconstruct their farms according to the modern technologies and have already reached the European level of production.


Effect-Plus, LLC has a long-term and successful experience in development and implementation of modern technology-saving projects of animal farms in Ukraine and abroad.

We are not seeking just to sell equipment or impose costly technological solutions.

Our main goal is to create profitable production according to the needs and investment capabilities of the customer and to ensure high margin and rapid return on assets of the project.