Construction of new livestock farms


Effect-Plus LLC makes construction of livestock facilities according to the requirements of Ukrainian regulatory documents (LU "About the environment» № 1264-XII of 25.06.91, LU "About atmosphere protection» № 2707-XII of 16.10.92, snip 02.04 .01 -85 "Domestic water supply and sewerage of buildings." SNIP 2.04.02-84 "Water. External networks and facilities", SNIP 2.04.03-85 "Sewage. External networks and facilities," SNIP 2.09.04-87 "Administrative and home building, "SNIP II-4-79" Natural and outdoor lighting, "SNIP II-12-77" Protection from noise", DBN B.2.4-4-97," Planning and development of small agricultural enterprises and farms".

At all the stages of construction we provide necessary measures to protect the environment from the negative impacts of the facility, including:

• preserving of landscape and protecting of the surrounding greenery, planting of  new forest belt width 25 - 30 m and constructing of the fencing on the perimeter. Location of the farm is to be chosen according to "wind rose", existing forests to guarantee protection of the towns from the smells;

• using of the modern manure removing system (manure is removed from manure tubes by  pipes into manure storage). This system has perfect hydro insolation that preserves the soil and subterranean waters from the pollutants.

• designed ventilation system carries out the disposal of contaminated air through the system of  ventilation  chimneys, evenly distributed over the entire length of the building. The system exclude the possibility of high concentration of harmful substances in one place.

• all elements of designed farms are made of non-toxic non-degradable materials are certified and do not have any harm influence on the animals, as well as the farm staff .

Effect-Plus, LLC offers a wide range of technology solutions for the construction of new livestock facilities depending on  the needs of the investor, the type of animal, climatic conditions. We  can offer the construction from reinforced concrete sandwich panels, fast in installation wooden structures, demolition and transfer of existing structures and so on.